Zimbabwe Parliament Pushes for Ratification of AU Protocol on Social Security


Zimbabwe Parliament Pushes for Ratification of AU Protocol on Social Security

The Zimbabwe parliament is actively advocating for the signing and ratification of the African Union (AU) Protocol on Social Security and Social Protection to enhance Zimbabwe’s social protection programs. During a recent engagement between parliament and various stakeholders, a consensus was reached on the urgent need to ratify this protocol to bolster the nation’s social protection systems.

Dr. Tavengwa Nhongo, Executive Director of the Platform for Social Protection (APSP), highlighted the significance of this move. He pointed out that if Zimbabwe ratifies the protocol, it would be the first African country to do so, setting a historic precedent. Dr. Nhongo emphasized that ratification would provide clear guidelines for aligning national legislation with international standards, thereby significantly improving the country’s social security framework.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, chaired by Hon. Dorothy Mashonganyika, also acknowledged the importance of ratification. She noted that aligning Zimbabwe’s laws with regional and international norms through this protocol would enhance the livelihoods of vulnerable groups, including the disabled, elderly, and less privileged.

The media’s role in promoting the ratification of the AU protocol was also highlighted during the engagement. Mr. Ian Zvoma, News Editor at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, stressed the need for extensive media coverage to raise public awareness about the protocol. He underscored the media’s critical function as a watchdog and its vital role in advocating for social protection measures.

The AU Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Citizens to Social Protection and Social Protection is a comprehensive document aimed at improving social welfare and economic stability across Africa. Adopted by the African Union Heads of State and Government in February 2022, ratifying this protocol would not only strengthen Zimbabwe’s social protection programs but also align the country with broader regional and international efforts to enhance social security.

SOURCE: Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.


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