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Covid -19

COVID-19 Response in Gambia

CSOs are monitoring government interventions which include the distribution of food (rice, oil and sugar) to about 86% of households in The Gambia. CSOs support in social mobilization and awareness creation.  CSOs in Gambia also...

COVID-19 Response in Liberia

CSOs are involved in distributing hygiene kits and masks to some households with the elderly, women, and children.

We are a pan African network of organizations operating at grassroots, national and regional levels, with a commitment to promote active engagement of National Platforms in the shaping of Social Protection policies, programs, and practices in Africa. We are a  Pan Africa NGO that works with governments, the private sector, development agencies, research institutions and grassroots communities in Africa


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Social protection refers to public and private, or to mixed public and private measures designed to protect individuals against life-cycle crises that curtail their capacity to meet their needs. Social protection is broader than social security. It encompasses social security and social services, as well as developmental social welfare.
Southern Africa Development Cooperation (SADC Code on Social Security, 2007).

Social protection is defined as: policies and actions, including legislative measures, that enhance the capacity of and opportunities for the poor and vulnerable to improve and sustain their lives, livelihoods, and welfare, that enable income-earners and their dependants to maintain a reasonable level of income through decent work, and that  ensure access to affordable healthcare, social security, and social assistance.
Kenya Social Protection Policy 2011.

Social protection includes responses by the state and society to protect citizens from risks, vulnerabilities, and deprivations. It also includes strategies and programs aimed at ensuring a minimum standard of livelihood for all people in a given country. This entails measures to secure education and health care, social welfare, livelihood, access to stable income, as well as employment. In effect, social protection measures are comprehensive and are not limited to traditional measures of social security.
Africa Union (AU SPF, 2.3)


We may not be able to help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Support us by giving your contributions to help us in running our programs.

The APSP is excited to take part in a 2-day workshop in Naivasha, organized by @LabourSPKE in partnership with @ilo & @FAO to develop an actionable roadmap based on the National Strategy of the Extension of #SocialProtection to Workers in the Informal and Rural Economies in Kenya

Kudos! @LabourSPKE on your commitment to reactivate the National Steering Committee to enhance coordination and strengthen #SocialProtection systems in #Kenya

The @africa_psp is eager to contribute towards achieving shared goals!

Strengthening our core!

@africa_psp is grateful for the insights shared during our two-day Organizational Capacity Strengthening Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya.

Together we're reinforcing our commitment to serve #Africa better.


Empowering discussions marked the 2-day Civil Society Organizations Forum on the African Charter for Children's Rights and Welfare in Ethiopia

@africa_psp also had the privilege of creating awareness on the ratification of the AU Protocol on #SocialProtection and #SocialSecurity


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