The Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP) is a Pan African non-governmental organisation working in the five regions of the African Union, namely, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Northern Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa. Our work includes:

  • Support the establishment and strengthening of CSO Platforms , especially in the areas of governance, capacity and knowledge
  • Increase the engagement of Civil Society Organisations(CSO’S) in national efforts which include Social Protection policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Collaborate with CSO’s in carrying out research to show evidence of success of Social Protection progammes and share best practices
  • Activate the role of CSO’s to engage the grassroots so that the demand for Social Protection comes from the botto
  • Identify opportunities for Domestice Resource Mobilisation (DRM) that enhance the realisation of Social Protection by looking at tax resources and their allocation
  • Work with regional and continental organisations such as the African Union, Africa Commission for Human and People’s Rights and the Regional Economic Commissions (RECS) in order to push the Social protection agenda forward, especially in the implementation of the AU Social Policy Framework for Africa at country level
  • Seek collaborative engagements with governments in order to share experiences and knowledge on Social Protection
  • Work with bilateral, multilateral, UN, INGO’s and other stakeholders to increase resources to support Social Protection programmes including the traditional forms of Social Protection

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