APSP hosts the Community of Practice (Utafiti Sera House on social protection)

The Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP) and the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) promote evidence generation to enhance social protection policy, legislation and practice, through the “Utafiti Sera” house (Community of Practice). The convening of the Community of Practice was necessitated by the divide between researchers and policy makers, and limited platforms for dissemination of research.

The Utafiti Sera house provides a platform for connecting SP actors for learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration to enhance synergies and coordination in the design and implementation of social protection interventions in the country. The Community of Practice is a platform for connecting social protection actors and provide a shared context for social protection actors to communicate.

Utafiti Sera Stakeholder meeting on social protection

A stakeholder meeting was held on 25th January 2018, in Nairobi. The meeting  brought together  practitioners of social protection, including researchers, policy makers, government officers and civil society organizations, to strengthen the linkages between evidence generation and practice and improve on knowledge   sharing and learning. The participants deliberated on the status of social protection in Kenya, in relation to policy and legislation, Programmes, Financing and sustainability.

High level policy forums

Two High Level Policy Forums were held with Members of National Assembly, of the Departmental committee on Labour and Social Welfare, as well as the Senate Departmental committee on labour and social welfare. APSP presented their position on the legal and policy status in Kenya.  There is need for a specific law on Social Assistance to promote a rights based approach to social protection in Kenya. urther actions agreed upon on the legislative process include:

  1. Review/amendments of the Social assistance Act 2013.
  2. Development of Policy briefs on the gaps in the Social Assistance Act 2013.
  3. Roundtable meetings with other policy makers to enhance the understanding on rights based social protection.

County Forum on Social Protection

The Utafiti Sera house on social protection held a county forum, brining together social protection practitioners, as well as leaders from 14 county governments in Kisumu. The Governor of Kakamega County H.E Hon. Wycliffe Oparanya, and the Deputy Governor of Kisumu County, Hon. Dr. George Owili. The forum was held to provide a platform for reflection of the implementation of social protection programmes in  counties. With new social assistance programmes by County Governments, there is need to identify opportunities for building synergies, especially between county programmes and existing national programmes. Objectives of the forum are;

  1. To strengthen the linkages between national and county programmes in 10 counties in the Western and North Rift regions.
  2. To share knowledge and practices on county level social protection initiatives.
  3. To widen the membership of the community of practice in social protection.
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