Annual Delegates Conference-The way Forward

Annual Delegates Conference-The way Forward

The way forward was structured in a manner that allowed delegates to air the views in plenary. The session was kicked off by Patricia Sewe from Kenya who urged delegates to incorporate the SDGs into strategies for work. Djermakoye Ide from Niger was grateful for the opportunity to share and learn, urging delegates to explore opportunities to work together. Jeleel Odoom from Ghana on a lighter note remarked that he understood that financial constraints and other obligations could not allow delegates to extend their stay but proposed that the Constitution be translated into various languages to accommodate participants from non-anglophone and non-francophone countries. Regine Goma from the Republic of Congo made a plea for support for the Central African region; hers was a request that sought to advance the Social Protection agenda by expanding the reach of the APSP in the region and by taking cognisance of regional dynamics.

The Chairperson of the Board suggested that the new constitution be sent round to National Platforms who can interrogate it further and raise any issues in the following Delegates Conference. He added that members have the right to interrogate and influence the agenda of the coming meeting.

He added that there are numerous opportunities to engage with the SDGs and pointed out to the data generated during the social audits as a viable source of evidence to bolster work and engage with the SDGs. He said that the Board was working on visiting as many National Platforms as possible and urged members to also keep the secretariat in mind as they mobilise for resources.

In conclusion, he said there is need to create more space and time to deliberate over salient issues during the ADC given the level of interest and discussions generated during the sessions. He proceeded to thank delegates for attending the conference and the secretariat for organising a successful meeting.

Peace Murungi, officially closed the meeting thanking members for their active participation. She reiterated the importance of sustainability for the organisation basing it on the efforts of the members.  She challenged the organisation to continue to rise and to become a force at the highest levels in Social Protection policy discourse. With this, she declared the meeting officially closed.

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