17th May 2012, marks the culmination of efforts by APSP, Social Protection Actors Forum (SPAF), the Ministry for Gender, Children and Social Development, DFID, UNICEF, World Bank and other Civil Society Organisations efforts to have the government officially adopt the National Social Protection Policy. The process was given the nod by Cabinet on Thursday and proposes to look into the social wellbeing of society’s vulnerable groups. The process will involve instituting cash transfer programmes, work for food, work for cash programmes, a pensions and health retirement scheme for the most vulnerable among a host of other social protection measures.

Noteworthy however is the gapping disconnect between policy makers and the grassroots during implementation in this regard government has proposed to establish a National Social Protection Committee with subsidiaries in all 47 counties within Kenya. The steps are well worth it but the process is only now just beginning with a Sessional Paper due to be tabled for debate on the floor of cabinet. APSP would nonetheless like to commend efforts from all stakeholders in the process and urge them to trudge on with this noble endeavour.

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