The Annual Delegates Conference that was held in Munyonyo Uganda on the 1st and 2nd November 2012, combined the Annual General Meeting with a Delegates Conference, that drew participants from across Africa to the "Pearl of Africa". The meeting that was held at the Speke Resort and Conference Centre, was a great learning event for delegates who were entreated to presentations that shed light on APSP's work as well as the strategic direction that the organisation is taking. More than that the Annual Delegates Conference was specific in terms of thematic engagement looking at Social Protection and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Best Practices and Engaging Civil Social Protection Stakeholders

One specific area of emphasis was on how Social Protection is accelerating the achievement of the MDGs, delegates came out clearly to say that the Post-MDG dispensation should see Social Protection play a much more significant role. This role will be addressed through coninuous egagement between Civil Society Organisations (CSO), International Development Partners as well as Governments. In addition, Civil Society Organisations (CSO), felt that the space for engagement between themselves and International Development Partners (IDP) such as Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), European Union (EU), United Nations and the World Bank that were represented during the meeting, could be enhanced.

Clearly , the mapping of Social Protection programmes and policies is crucial to build knowledge on the subject matter, a resolve taken at the meeting and a priority for APSP. This exercise is being epitomised by progress by Rwanda and Zambia on the same. Although, the Rwandan Exercise was entred around Child Protection as compared to the Zambian experience which seeks to map all programmes running in the country. This built on APSPs Peer Exchange and Learning Events, which articulate the importance of building on best practices. Click here to read the Southern Africa Exchange Visit.

Launch of the Report Review

The Annual Delegates Conference over and above providing a great exchange and learning opportunity for delegates, the APSP used it as a platform to launch the Report Review. The Report was launched by the Ugandan Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development Hon. Sulaiman Madada. The colourful get up was just the right note to kick off the Conference. Click here to read and download a full copy of the Review Report

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